Hey Dude goes to South Africa


In the Fall of last year, travel bloggers and friends of Hey Dude Shoes, Ryan Riley and Chris Hannant took some of their favorite Hey Dude shoe styles on an adventure to South Africa to put comfort and durability to the test. During their travels, they made a lot of new friends, explored the countryside and ocean, and wore their Hey Dude shoes everywhere they went.

Chris Hannant is an incredible photographer and his attitude and work vibe very well with the adventurous side of Hey Dude Shoes.  He is known for his captivating images of surfing and underwater life around the world.

When the hard part is over, and you've found your beach to take in the scenery, Hey Dude takes care of your feet.

When you've climbed the mountain and it's time to bask in the day's accomplishment, there's no worrying about your feet.

A big thanks for all the beautiful imagery collected of their adventures with Hey Dude Shoes goes out to Chris Hannant and Ryan Riley!  We love supporting the active, adventurous lifestyle these dudes represent.  And they are just a couple of many who know the importance of taking a load off your feet when you have a lot to during the day.

These dudes are the real deal and you can follow their activities by subscribing to their blogs:

Chris Hannant is at www.chrishannant.com

Chris also runs award winning photo and video production companies that specialize in travel, documentary, and promotional material and has worked for clients such as The Surfrider Foundation, Rip Curl, Sitka, NOAA, and The Nature Conservancy, and filmed around the world across multiple continents.

You can view more of his amazing photo work and his video work at www.swellfilms.com

Ryan Riley has a blog of his travels and experiences at www.ryan-riley.com