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 In a blog post earlier this year, we introduced a good friend of Hey Dude Shoes and world-traveler, Ryan Riley.  Ryan has made a life trekking the globe from South Africa to Yosemite, across the United States, and beyond.  His travels have seen him hiking rocky hillside trails, bungee-jumping into ravines, and hitting the best surf spots along the way.  It's no question, after a day of these kinds of adventures a good relaxing moment to reflect is necessary.  It only makes sense that along with his camera and canteen he brought the lightest, most comfortable shoes on the market for those victory dances at the top of the mountain (or maybe even just a victory sit).  We caught up with Ryan so he could share some images of his most recent Hey Dude experiences.

Two weeks ago, Ryan shared the map of his latest road trip across the US on Instagram:

We love to see Hey Dude put to the task and Ryan definitely has been showing off his Wallys!

Zion National Park, Utah

Arches National Park, Utah


You can follow Ryan at @ryanoriley1 on Instagram, and he has a blog of his travels and experiences at

Stay tuned into Hey Dude Shoes to see where we go with Ryan next!

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